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  • Technical Consultancy

MVC helps institutional clients and promoters in planning and implementation of projects in the areas of fruits & vegetables production, processing & preservation; clean milk production & dairy processing; milk products technologies; hi-tech animal farming; apiary management, honey processing; seed production and post harvest technology; frozen foods; poultry breeding & farming; agro forestry; horticulture; bio technology, etc.

  • Engineering Support

MVC offers comprehensive services for medium to large sized industrial projects including project management; process engineering and licensing; detailed engineering; procurement; site management and supervision; safety engineering; trial runs and commissioning; cold chain development & maintenance systems, etc.

  • Management Consultancy

MVC provide advisory services to a wide range of clients in diversified fields. Our services include: opportunity scanning/pre feasibility studies; market assessment and research; techno?economic feasibility studies; preparation of business plan; technology search and evaluation; macro level economic studies; assistance in first market launches; sales and marketing strategies; post implementation evaluation studies; joint venture / international collaborations, etc.

MVC has professionals with multidisciplinary skills in the areas of management; engineering; economics, statistics; and financial accounting and analysis. Through its association with several reputed consultants organizations, MVC brings a high level of experience and expertise to every consultancy assignment.

  • Field; Market & Consumer Survey / Research

We conduct extensive studies / research for our clients using different tools and models. The survey / research are tailor?made to the client’s specific requirements. These surveys are aimed at finding out various essential components like Market segment, Market size, Demand forecast, Competition, Supply position, Demand supply gap, Buyer’s behavior, Product mix determination, Pricing Strategy, Tax structure, Distribution channels, Marketing strategies, Future scenario, Provisions & possibilities for Imports / exports, etc.

  • Techno Economic Feasibility Studies (TEFR) & Detailed Project Reports

We conduct extensive Techno?Economic Feasibility Studies for setting up small to medium scale industries as well as for consumer products. The studies are aimed at establishing various important related aspects like Cost estimates, Project economics, Financial projections, Provisions for Term/Soft Loans, Requirements for Statutory approvals, etc.